I am a 45 male and have been seeing the RMT Kaya for quite some time now. I have somewhat chronic back pains from being a professional videographer. I often carry upwards of 25 pounds on my upper body for up to 7 hours a day. with Kaya’s advanced skills and knowledge on treatment, she has kept me tremendously. I have seen any other RMT’s closer to my home, one that is a 30 second walk from my condo, but nobody comes close to the personal attention and professionalism from her or this office.

Mr. J.T

Having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was afraid sometimes to move a joint too much. Dr. Lee enlarged my range of motion by using acupuncture and chiropractic joint manipulation. Even on days when my condition was in “Flare Up” and I was very “achy” the chiropractic session always made me feel better. Having had only my first chiropractic experience at age 65, this shows that you are never too old to benefit.

Mrs. J. T. Age 65

I developed headaches over the past year that at times the pain was unbearable (as well as dizziness and blurred vision at times).  I went to my family doctor to find out if it could be related to my family history (Mom passed away of a brain tumor).  I had a number of exams (including a CT Scan) to ensure that a tumor was not the problem. The tests proved that there was nothing wrong with me and my doctor said that probably it’s due to tension but there was nothing else wrong.

Upon my first visit, Dr.Lee found that the muscles around my neck were extremely tense and that was probably the reason as to why these headaches were occurring.  He did an adjustment on my back (which reminded me of an injury that I had a few years ago snowboarding), which also added to my headaches. We also discussed the need to change my arch supports (as my feet are very flat) and my arch supports were a few years old.

After the first visit, I noticed that my headaches started to go away quite quickly and I felt great. The following visits added to the decrease of my headaches as well as my dizziness and my vision has been also improving since my initial treatment. Today I can say that these headaches are fully gone and I have not had any headaches since July of this year.

I would certainly recommend Dr. Lee  to friends especially ones that are physically active as our bodies need to be taken care of just as we take care of our cars.  A tune up on our back is very important (as I found out the hard way) and should be done regularly (especially if you are playing a number of sports).

Mr. J. V.

I had an incredible amount of pain in my lower back. I was also experiencing some numbness in my right leg that concerned me tremendously. My flexibility was at an all time low where everything felt tight and painful. What impressed me right off the bat was their effort to see me at my earliest convenience. When I arrived I was introduced to the doctors and their clinic. I was informed about the other services that they also provided. After an initial exam, I started on therapy right away. The sessions that followed allowed me to consistently feel better from visit to visit.

This is probably the fourth or fifth chiropractic centre I have been to throughout my life so I feel I have a pretty good frame of reference to evaluate from.   I was very impressed with the willingness to accommodate the visits to MY schedule and the treatments and results were everything I could have wished for regarding my back pain. But what impressed me the most with this clinic was Dr. Lee’s commitment to keeping up to date with what I was experiencing as well as keeping me informed on what methods we were using and exercises I could do to hopefully speed the recovery process along. From a phone call at home to check up on me after my first visit to the ongoing checks today. I am very happy I found this centre. Thanks!

Mr. R. C.

I came to see Dr.Lee to improve back pains, digestion and a mild case of depression. Dr. Lee encouraged me to dedicate time in things I like to do such as dancing lessons besides doing regular therapy with her and acupuncture. The back adjustments and therapy made me feel great and very relaxed! I usually say that I grow a few inches after the back adjustments. My posture is straighter and the back pains are gone. Dr. Lee’s encouraging words to me along with the acupuncture helped me with my digestion and depression issues. I am faithful to a more natural medicine approach and I feel I found just what I need to be healthy at the Centre for Chiropractic Health.

Mrs. J. F. Age 27

The reason I came in for care was because I was feeling pain in the knee, shoulder, neck, hip, back and feet. Dr. Lee resolved or improved all areas that were in pain and dramatically improved my day to day discomfort, helped my athletic activities and improved my overall well-being.

Mr. B. W. Age: 32

I visited Dr. Lee due to stiff muscles, on shoulders and neck. Unique massage and conditioning exercises helps to restore a good feeling again. I am glad there is such a practice. THANKS!

Mr. E. C. Age 84

I was suffering from neck and shoulder pains so severe that I was getting headaches often and had trouble sleeping. Dr. Lee does a variety of treatments: adjustments, acupuncture, gua sha and massage. I now have more mobility in my neck and no longer suffer from severe shoulder pains. Dr. Lee has taught me to be mindful of good habits such as stretching, posture, keeping hydrated to keep my body healthy. He is a professional who truly cares about his patients. Not only did I receive follow-up call after my first treatment but I continually receive helpful information via e-mails or handouts from him. He takes the time to explain and clarify any questions I have and has given me lots of hope with my recovery.

S.T. Age 40

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